hey everyone :) this blog is dedicated to my favorite shows The Vampire Diaries and The Originals.
I love everything about these shows from the characters to the writing and to just the shows themselves.
This is blog isn't just about one relationships or friendship. I'm open to all from stelena to delena to bamon
I'm open to all questions relating to both shows. I would love to hear your opinions and share mine. Please note none of the things i post are mine unless stated.
So if you love the vampire diaries and the originals and want more on your dash then this is the blog for you :D


Phoebe Tonkin for Ellery (2013)


otp challenge: 2 songs.

∟ [1/2] Be Alright by Lucy Rose

I don’t abandon the people that I care about.


If our love’s insanity,

why are you my  c l a r i t y ?


Elena Gilbert Favourite Outfits (Season 2)

From the second episode of this show, when she walked into the Salvatore mansion and she met Damon for the first time and he kissed her hand, that’s when it began. - Kevin Williamson